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New Signboard At Wonder Balloons!


Down with the old and in with the new

Though the pandemic and current MCO has been affecting many, Wonder Balloons wanted to take things positively and align it with the motto “We Create Joy”. Located amidst the back-end street with an array of shops and business, Wonder Balloons decided to step-up and stand out by giving a new look to the store. This of course starts with change to the signboard.

Why the new sign?

As newcomers to Wonder Balloons struggle to find the shop due to the previous faded signage, it was time to install a new one indeed! Down with the old and in with the new thanks to the help of AOne Advertising who were located not too far from where Wonder Balloons is on the same street.

AOne helped to remove the old signboard which as one can see from the photo, it has certainly faded out throughout the years. With that down, it was time to realign the metal bars to fit the new signage up.

As that’s being fixed, here’s what the new signboard looks like. Bigger and better indeed! We certainly love the 3D effect to it and noticed how people tend to slow down their cars as they passed by the shop. Perhaps it was because of the signboard or maybe people were curious why so many people were standing outside. Either way, the signboard is something that shouldn’t be missed!

Here’s a better look to the installation process. Proper measurements needed to fit the big signboard up. The rainbow colors really do stand out and it certainly hopes to bring out a positive vibe to passersby.

Now that the signboard is up, what better way to commemorate this special day than to of course have balloons! The perfect balloon decorations or services is of course a balloon arch or even balloon columns. We decided to follow the square shape and rainbow theme of Wonder Balloons by creating a square balloon arch.

If you’re ever around the area, don’t forget to stop by and visit us at Wonder Balloons! Take a picture of the signboard if you like but just don’t forget where to get your balloon needs. Wonder Balloons is where it’s at!