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Helium Balloon Gas Tank In Malaysia


Helium tanks are probably not too common in Malaysia and there is the question of where one could even find one. Is there a birthday party coming up? An anniversary? A proposal maybe? Where can you possibly find a helium tank to make helium balloons yourself. Or maybe, what if the tank is too big or too heavy? Is it flammable or safe to use?

Yes, there are many questions on this. But you’re in luck as we completely understand your questions and concerns. This is why we’re here to provide an answer and solution to your problems. How so? With our product from Wonder Balloons which happens to be the DIY Helium Balloon Tank!
Certainly helium balloons are a great way to decorate any party or event as it creates a celebratory, fun and exciting ambiance to the space!

This DIY Helium Balloon Gas Tank from Wonder Balloons is lightweight, disposable and easy to use. The helium tanks make decoration at any event, a piece of cake. Rather than transporting dozens of balloons from the store, helium balloon tank conveniently inflates balloons onsite.



How heavy is the DIY Helium Balloon Tank?

Weight is definitely a concern to some but we assure you that the DIY Helium Balloon tank is not only easy to store but happens to be light as well. To be precise, the tank weighs at about 5kg (11 pounds) making it easy to carry about anywhere. And don’t worry, we don’t just sell you the tank empty. It is definitely filled with gas and still remains light.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, indeed. This DIY Helium Balloon Tank is perfectly safe to use. You need not worry about it being caught on fire but with that being said, it is necessary to properly store the tank in a place that is cool and dry.



How many balloons can I inflate with the DIY Helium Balloon Tank from Wonder Balloons?

With this DIY Helium Balloon Tank, one can inflate up to 50 pieces of latex balloons that are sized at 10″. This of course is if the balloons are all sized equally at 10″ and if the tank is used properly. If you’re using 12″ latex balloons, you may inflate up to 30 pieces with one DIY Helium Tank. Take note that the bigger the balloon, the more helium is required. Bubble balloons will certainly require more helium gas in them than latex balloons to float up.


Why use the DIY Helium Balloon Tank from Wonder Balloons?

Besides the fact that this tank is easy to use, affordable, lightweight, safe and recyclable? Well, we assure you that you’ll have fun using it. Helium balloons are one of the best ways to create a bright and bold party experience. Using these balloons have been made easier with the lightweight, disposable helium tanks which can inflate balloons right where they are needed. The DIY Helium Balloon Tank is definitely something we recommend you get!