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DIY Wonder Class: How To Place Stickers Onto Your Balloon


Now that you’ve already made your bobo balloon with the help of our other tutorials you’ve watched, how about adding a little something to it by placing stickers! 

With a simple tutorial like this one available on our YouTube channel, we are going to show you how to place those stickers onto your balloon. This will certainly make your balloon stand out even more.

And because this tutorial has a graduation theme going on, we decided to place a “Congratulations” sticker onto our balloon. A perfect gift indeed for the graduate! 

Do take note however, that because these stickers are vinyl, be gentle with them when removing them from the transfer tape and when you are removing the tape from the sticker once it has been placed on the balloon. We don’t want any popping going on. 

Also, these stickers don’t just have to be on your balloons. Other ways you can use them include placing them onto your surprise box as well. By customizing the stickers, you don’t just have to go along with generic phrases. There are just so many ways to get creative with your gifts and decorations.


Create your own customized stickers with us by clicking below:

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