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DIY Wonder Class: How To Make A Mini Balloon Column

In need of simple balloon decoration ideas?

Because this was a tutorial we made back in August especially during the time when Malaysia’s Independence day was coming up, we wanted to create a simple way people could get creative with balloon decorations requiring minimum effort and of course, not a lot of balloons (although, the more balloons, the merrier it will be).

No matter your event or celebration, the idea of a simple balloon column like this one will certainly add something to your event. And for us Malaysians, isn’t it fun to create simple decorations at home to show that Merdeka Spirit? 
Click to watch and follow along to this tutorial for our DIY Wonder Class from Wonder Balloons.


Let’s learn how to create a mini balloon column

Before you go big, let’s start small first. Here’s a simple explanation of how to make this mini column using 5″ balloons and foil balloons.

What you will need:

  1. Foil balloons (Alphabet, numbers or whatever you’d prefer as a topper)
  2. 5″ latex balloons (Depending on how many columns you want or how high you want it to be. We’ve used about 16 pieces of latex balloons for this tutorial but it doesn’t hurt to always keep extras in case accidents happen)
  3. Modelling balloon/nylon fishing line/string (this is to help tie up your balloons together in order to keep them stable/secure)
  4. Hand pump/Electric pump (Hand pump is best used to inflate the foil balloons and electric pump helps easily inflate your latex balloons)

What to do:

  1. Start by inflating the foil balloon by using the hand pump. Ensure you carefully insert the hand pump through the valve of the foil balloon (located at the bottom of the foil balloon) and inflate till it is firm.
  2. Next, inflate the 5″ latex balloons by using either the electric pump or hand pump. An important thing to note is to ensure all the balloons are size equally to ensure your column looks even and also remains stable. Should you have bigger size balloons, they will be placed at the bottom of your balloon column.
  3. Be sure to inflate two 5″ latex balloons first and then tie those two together. Inflate all the balloons and tie them up into pairs because two sets of those pairs will be combined to create a cluster or a quad of balloons.
  4. You can create your colour theme using your balloons and so after you create those quads for all your balloons, you will use a modelling balloon (or string/nylon fishing line) to tie to the valve of the foil balloon.
  5. Stack two quads on top of each other and then place the foil balloon on top. Take the modelling balloon and start to wrap it around your 5″ quad balloons. It helps to create a “figure 8” as you’re wrapping around the balloons.
  6. You won’t need to cut off the modelling balloon as you can just keep it hidden in the middle if you didn’t use all of it.
  7. Repeat the same steps on the next mini balloon column and you’re all set!

Now it’s time for you to purchase the balloons to start out the mini balloon column yourself. Not sure where to find those balloons? Well, Wonder Balloons can definitely help you with that.

Have fun making those balloon columns!