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DIY Wonder Class: How To Get creative With The Surprise Box!

Looking for a surprise gift to give?

If you notice lately, more and more people are getting into the gift box business especially here in Malaysia. Because of lockdowns and the inability to always go outside, people are resolving to surprise deliveries to make up for missing out on celebrations. While there are many surprises one could do, we at Wonder Balloons want to help by providing you with the items you can easily purchase to make your own surprise gift box.

What is the surprise box?

Of course, there is no limit to one’s creativity so the surprise box suits any celebration allowing you to fit in balloons and stickers along with other gifts. The surprise box from Wonder Balloons comes in 3 colors and two sizes.

  • The white surprise box is sized at 50(W) x 50(L) x 70(H)cm and is the biggest surprise box out there in the market.
  • The black and pink surprise box are just slightly smaller at 45(W) x 45(L) x 55(H)cm 

These surprise boxes are definitely a hit amongst surprise gift businesses and amongst those who just want to try something out for themselves.

So how do I get creative with the surprise box?

With more celebrations and events coming up, we wanted to show you how to get creative with the surprise box. You won’t have to follow us exactly but it’ll certainly help give you an idea of what to do. Follow along as you watch the simple tutorial. 

Now that you know where to get the products and have an idea of what to do for your next celebration, feel free to try it out yourself! Have fun!

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