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DIY Wonder Class: How To Add Confetti Into Your Balloon


Not only does it add a little fun to your balloon decoration, confetti balloons are inexpensive and makes your balloons personalized as well. It’s quick and easy to create your own confetti balloons and the tutorial we have will show you just how to do that!

Choose your balloon

The great thing about confetti is that you can just choose a simple transparent latex balloon or a clear bubble balloon to create a variety of different confetti balloons. It’s all about your confetti.


How do you insert confetti into a latex balloon filled with helium then?

We’re glad you asked! That’s why we provided the tutorial to show you just that! But firstly, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Use flat sequined/foil confetti if you’re using the helium gel. (Paper confetti will get wet)
  2. Properly stretch the mouth/valve of the balloon to fit bigger pieces of confetti by using a balloon expander tool which you can get by clicking here.
  3. Don’t crumple your confetti. They won’t look good and they won’t stick well to the balloon.
  4. Press gently onto the nozzle when inflating the balloon with confetti. We want to make sure it doesn’t pop.
  5. If you have trouble getting confetti to stick, create static by rubbing the balloons with a cloth/on your clothes or on the carpet.
  6. Keep practicing.

Those are our tips when trying this out. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial as well as keep in mind our tips just for you to try out your own confetti balloons. It’ll be fun to try!


Now you’re all set!

So if you’re looking for all the things we used in the tutorial, don’t forget to click on the link right below to browse through the different types of confetti (and other items) we have readily available.

I want confetti!

I want transparent latex balloons!

I want the helium gel!

I want the helium tank!


Stay safe everyone and have fun making your confetti filled balloons~!