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DIY Wonder Class: How To Add Confetti Into Your (BOBO) Bubble Balloon

This special DIY tutorial teaches you how to add confetti into your bubble (bobo) balloons. In the video, we show this by using normal air inflated bubble balloons instead of using helium. This is when the stick comes in handy as it will make your balloons look like fun-colored lollipops. 

Choose the right size

Because the bubble balloon is round, we want to ensure it stays well on the balloon stick. Ideally you’d use a foil balloon cup and stick but since we are using the 10″ bubble balloon, it fits just as well on a normal balloon cup and stick.


How to add the confetti inside

Since we are using regular air for this bubble balloon, you’d need to create a solution using 1/4 of the gel and 3/4 water mixed together. Mix the solution and pump a little into your bubble balloon.

  1. Paper confetti sticks best and well. Foil confetti works as well but do ensure there is enough of the solution inside.
  2. Massage the solution all around the bottom of the balloon until it appears to be a little “soapy” on the inside”
  3. Use a funnel to make it easier to insert your confetti inside.
  4. Insert the amount of confetti you’d want your balloon to have.
  5. After inserting it in and massaging a little about, immediately inflate it using an electric pump.
  6. Inflate to your desired size and tie it up!

Don’t forget to watch the tutorial as you attempt to make your own confetti-filled bubble balloons.
It will definitely be fun to try!


What if I don’t use the gel solution?

That’s a good question! While there are tips and tricks to use static to help stick your confetti to the insides of the balloon. Otherwise you can still insert confetti inside but it will remain at the bottom of the balloon when inflated.
The picture below best illustrates how this will look.


I’m ready to try it out!

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Stay safe everyone and have fun making your bubble confetti-filled balloons~!