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DIY Wonder Class: How To Make A Balloon Column With A Stand


How to make a Balloon Column/Pillar

If you’ve seen our previous tutorial and blog post, we showed you how to create your own mini column. Now, let’s move on to the next step by making it bigger! With more celebrations and events on the way, we wanted to show you how to make your own balloon column along with the balloon stand to get creative with your decorations.

What do you need for a Balloon Column/Pillar?

Depending on the height and design of your balloon column, this can certainly be adjusted but we will provide you first with the list of basic items you’d need. Let’s see what’s listed down below for this simple tutorial.     


What you will need:

  1. Balloon stand/pillar set (You can easily purchase this from us at Wonder Balloons online)
  2. 12″ (inches) latex balloons (About 30-40 balloons at least. It doesn’t hurt to have more just in case some balloons pop)
  3. Hand pump/Electric pump (Hand pump is best used to inflate the foil balloons and electric pump helps easily inflate your latex balloons especially when you have a lot to inflate)
  4. Topper for your balloon column (Typically a bigger balloon on top or like in the tutorial, a foil balloon)
  5. Nylon fishing line/string (this is to help tie up your balloons together in order to keep them stable/secure)
  6. (OPTIONAL) A balloon sizer to help size up your balloons equally.

What to do:

  1. Since we are using the balloon stand/pillar set, you can start but assembling the stand as displayed in the tutorial. Fill the base with water or sand then start taking the pipes and connect them with the connectors. Arrange this to the desired height of the column.
  2. Next, begin to inflate the 12″ latex balloons. Be sure to inflate them all equally in size which is where the balloon sizer will be helpful if you’re unsure. Just as in the video, inflate two at a time and tie two of those balloons together and set aside.
  3. Once all your balloons are blown and tied into pairs, take two pairs and merge them together into a quad/cluster. You’d then have about 7 or 8 quads/clusters of balloons.
  4. Based on your design/colour theme, you can mix and match different colours and patterns.
  5. Since you are using the balloon stand, place your quad through the stand and start stacking your balloon quads one after another but ensure they are completely snug.
  6. An alternative to this is to use a nylon fishing line/string and tie up your balloons together (also ensuring they are snug). Then when they are all tied up, you can insert the stand through to the middle of the balloons.
  7. Once you’ve completed and arranged the look of your balloon column, you can then set it upright and finish off with a balloon topper.
  8. Since we’ve used a foil balloon, we’ve used a modelling balloon to tie at the valve of the foil balloon which we then tied to the top of the balloon column. Ensure everything is snug and tight.
  9. Be sure to keep your balloon column/pillar in a place that’s cool and dry and away from any sharp objects.

It’s not too hard to create your own balloon pillar now. But if you’re still unsure, you can always refer to our tutorial video and practice it out yourself. Next time you pass by stores with special decorations or some other event, you can look at the balloon column and think to yourself, “I know how to make that too!” 

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